There's more than one way to pole vault

As a guy told me in Reno

"The pole vault is a lot like religion and politics, if you hear an opinion that doesn't match yours, its bull sh*t."

With that said, pole vaulters are human (except for maybe Mondo) that come in all different sizes, strengths, speeds, and shapes.

Forcing all vaulters to jump the same is sort of like making everyone wear the same shoes, they'll fit some, but most will have angry toes or look like they're walking in flippers.

Create a shoe (technique) that works best with the vaulter!

This concept is so important that I wrote this on the cover of my book

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  • Gabe Lavender

    Pole vaulting is indeed a diverse sport, with athletes of varying sizes, strengths, and styles. Just like shoes, one technique doesn’t fit all. Embracing individuality and tailoring techniques to each vaulter’s strengths is key. Your analogy perfectly captures the essence of this concept.

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