Pole Vault Calculator

The Pole Vault Calculator

Two Ways to use it

1. Difference: To know if the next pole is the right pole and it's safe to use.

2. Adjustments: To help you make Grip, Pole, and Run adjustments. 

(if using a phone, turn it sideways)





The adjustments section is pretty good but can be confusing. The video below will have it make more sense

Click to watch - 



Huge Thanks to Michael aka romennoodlesmanyt

Michael is a high school vaulter who like all of us caught the pole vault bug...hard. He reached out to me saying he was watching a bunch of my videos and created the pole vault calculator based on a few of them that may help the community.

Freaking cool! 

He sent me the calculator and helped show me how to get it on my website for all of you. 

Things like this is why the community is so awesome.

Thanks again Michael! You're helping a lot of people!