Pole Vault Training Plan 2 | 3 Month General Prep
Pole Vault Training Plan 2 | 3 Month General Prep
Pole Vault Training Plan 2 | 3 Month General Prep
Pole Vault Training Plan 2 | 3 Month General Prep
Pole Vault Training Plan 2 | 3 Month General Prep
Pole Vault Training Plan 2 | 3 Month General Prep

Pole Vault Training Plan 2 | 3 Month General Prep

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The easiest way to vault higher is by getting faster. This is a 12-week comprehensive pole vault training program that is written to work for all ages and skill levels. The focus is on all things that make a good pole vaulter, power, balance, strength, coordination, general fitness and most importantly, speed. We have seen tremendous success using this program in-season and pre-season. Scroll down to see the testimonials

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What's new in The Pole Vault Training Plan 2

  • Implementation of drills from The Pole Vault Toolbox on vault days
  • New workouts, weights, and circuits
  • 17 new videos 

What’s included

 39 pages | 12 weeks | 5 days a week including

  • Running workouts and weights
  • Different circuits
  • Tips on recovery, sports psychology, and nutrition
  • Sent to you digitally so you can get started faster.

17 different videos on different

  • Warm-ups

  • General strength circuits

  • Recovery circuits

  • Mobility circuits

  • and plyometric circuits.

All fine-tuned and balanced to help you as a coach or an athlete reach peak performance.

It’s shaped the same way I did my training when I was an elite vaulter using many of the same circuits. It's worked for me its worked for many others.


High School Plan VS General Prep Plan

There are 2 major difference between the plans

  • With the high school training plan, the weeks are set up to accommodate a High School meet schedule that has 1, 2, or even 3 meets a week. The general prep plan assumes you're training in a time where you don't have meets every week. In short,
The high school plan is better if you're focusing on training while competing. The general prep plan is better if you're focusing on training.
  • There are typically 3 phases to a training plan. The general prep phase, the specific prep phase, and the competition phase where each phase typically takes 2 months to complete. The general prep plan creates better speed and strength adaptations since you have more time in the appropriate phase. In the high school training program, we crammed 24 weeks of work into 12 weeks but we lose some speed and strength adaptation since the process is sped up. In short

The highschool plan is better if you're season is only 3 months. The general prep plan is better if your season is longer than 3 months 


In contrast, if you were to get a personal trainer it would cost you upwards of $80 a session!  If you were to have a trainer work with you 5 days a week for a month it would cost you roughly $1600... and I can almost guarantee that it wouldn't be a high-quality sports-specific training program. For a fraction of the price, you will have that specific training program that will take you to the next level.

Typical BreakDown

Cost of Personal Training:  = 1 session = $60-$100

My Plan:  $299.99/90 days = 1 session = $3.33


Shawn Is a former elite pole vaulter who has worked with some of the best coaches in track and field. He received his Master's Degree in Health Nutrition and Exercise Science where he was the director of personal training at the college's Wellness Center. During his education, he coached at the Division 1 Level where he produced multiple conference champions and an All-American Athlete. At the high school level, he has coached numerous state record holders. state champions and countless all-state participants. You can rest assured you are getting a quality program!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jacob Thompson
Pole vault training 3 month general prep

When am I getting it? Has it shipped yet ?

Aldrine D
Best Simple Training for Plan for Pole Vaulters

Beautifully structured, with detailed descriptions on how to peak optimally for your championship meet. Shawn also includes different variations to training that allow flexibility for real-life events. I can’t thank him enough for making this program.

Team Hoot

The gOAL is simple

Grow the sport and give you the tools to grow your PR

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